Saturday, January 20, 2007

Marvel Zombies

Comic and zombie lovers rejoice. Marvel Zombies is available at your local bookstore. There were five Marvel Zombies comics and they have been put together in this one edition.

In an alternate universe a cosmic virus has mutated the super heroes and super villains of earth into Super Zombies! With a hunger that no super sized meal could match the zombies have turned the human race into the ultimate meal. Is it Soylent Green? Is it the Twilight Zone book "How To Serve Man"? Nope! Just good old fashioned zombificaiton.

The story starts with Magneto, who hasn't become a zombie, trying to get to the space station where the last of the humans are but the zombies are hungry and after him. The human race has already been eaten and Magneto is just too tasty a morsel to pass up.

Look! Up in the sky! Is it bird? Is it a plane? It sure isn't Superman because this isn't DC. Ok, the comic fans out there got that joke. It's actually the Silver Surfer. Will he destroy the zombies? Will he become the next item on the menu? What happens to a zombie Captain America loses the top part of his head? When the hunger takes over Bruce Banner does he politely ask for treat? No! HULK EAT!

Some zombies keep horrific secrets. Like the one keeping a human alive so he can sneak a snack every now and then without the other zombies knowing about it.

In this five part story we see the Marvel Zombies, both heroes and villains, have to overcome the same obstacles to feed their hunger. It's easy to both boo and cheer the characters in this story as it progresses. Having a twisted sense of humor I had no problem laughing when the zombies learned how to recycle. I loved the ending where other people had hoped for a different outcome.

If you are comic fan you are probably already aware of Marvel Zombies. If you aren't then you have just found a way to revisit your childhood comic collecting days with a new horrific twist. If you have kids you'll earn bonus points with them for buying a comic.

What could be scarier than seeing the heroes you knew would always be there to save you transformed into eating machines with you on the menu?

Spider-man loses cool points in this story. He can't get over the fact that he ate his wife and aunt because he's a zombie. I know, I know. There is Freudian joke in there. It's still funny to see him all broke up about it though.

The one thing I really wanted to see, but didn't, was a zombie Professor X in the background saying "Brains. Braaaaaaiiinns!" That would have been funny.

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